Prem Chopra goes bald for new film
Hindustan Times - Mumbai, November 10, 2005

Prem Chopra sports a shaved head for a spiritual role in a new movie. Chopra, a star of the 1970s who was famous for roles in which he plotted against the hero or abducted a leading lady, says he enjoys his new look.

"Going completely bald is a welcome change. Earlier I would hide my receding hairline under caps," Chopra said. "I like this look and it's going to stay."

He plays a pious man well-versed in religious rituals in Indian filmmaker Mahesh Mathai's supernatural thriller The Thread alongside British and Indian actors.

The movie is under production and is set in Britain and India. It tells the story of a London businessman of Indian and English descent played by British actor Linus Roache who suffers from hallucinations. Asked to return to India by his father, he makes it only after his parents die in an accident. He is haunted by a mysterious face and his nightmares multiply after his parents' death.

Roache's wife, played by British actress Saffron Burrows, tries to shield their young son from his delusions till one terrifying day when things catapult out of control

Chopra declined to reveal details about his role, saying it would spoil the suspense. The movie is likely to be completed early next year.

"This is a positive role ... I have played good guy roles before," said Chopra. "Whether I'm a good guy or bad guy, it's the acting I enjoy."

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